Dominating Your Fantasy League with Tyler Bass

Tyler Bass has quickly become a household name in the world of fantasy football. The Buffalo Bills kicker burst onto the scene in his rookie season, delivering impressive performances and racking up points for fantasy owners. But what makes Tyler Bass such a valuable player in fantasy? And how can you use him to your advantage in your league? In this article, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about Tyler Bass and how he can help you dominate your fantasy league.

What Makes Tyler Bass a Fantasy Stud?

Before we dive into how to use Tyler Bass in your fantasy league, let’s first take a look at what makes him such a valuable player. There are a few key factors that set Tyler Bass apart from other kickers in the league.

Consistency and Accuracy

At just 24 years old, Tyler Bass has already proven himself to be a reliable and accurate kicker. In his rookie season, he made 28 out of 34 field goal attempts and 57 out of 59 extra point attempts. This level of consistency is crucial for fantasy owners, as missed kicks can cost you valuable points in a close matchup.

Strong Leg

Not only is Tyler Bass accurate, but he also has one of the strongest legs in the NFL. In his rookie season, he had the second-longest field goal made in the league at 58 yards. This means that even if the Bills’ offense struggles to get into the end zone, Tyler Bass is still a threat to score from long distances.

High-Scoring Offense

Another factor that contributes to Tyler Bass’ success in fantasy is the high-scoring offense of the Buffalo Bills. In his rookie season, the Bills were the 2nd highest scoring team in the league, giving Bass plenty of opportunities to put up points. With Josh Allen leading a dynamic offense, Tyler Bass is sure to have plenty of opportunities to score in the upcoming season.

How to Use Tyler Bass in Your Fantasy League

Now that we’ve established why Tyler Bass is a valuable player in fantasy, let’s dive into how you can use him to your advantage in your league.

Draft Strategy

In most fantasy leagues, kickers are often an afterthought and are typically drafted in the later rounds. However, if you want to secure Tyler Bass on your team, it’s worth considering drafting him a few rounds earlier. As one of the top kickers in the league, he will likely be off the board by the time it gets to the late rounds.

Streaming Option

If you miss out on drafting Tyler Bass, don’t worry, you can still benefit from his talents. In weeks where the Bills have a favorable matchup, consider streaming Bass as your kicker. This means picking him up from the waiver wire for just that week and then dropping him for another kicker the following week. With the Bills’ high-scoring offense, there’s a good chance that Bass will have multiple opportunities to put up points in any given week.

Pair with Josh Allen

If you’re lucky enough to have Josh Allen on your fantasy team, pairing him with Tyler Bass can be a smart move. As mentioned before, the Bills’ offense is high-scoring, which means that both Allen and Bass will likely have many scoring opportunities. Plus, if Allen happens to struggle in the red zone, Bass can help make up for it with field goals and extra points.


In a Week 9 matchup against the Seattle Seahawks last season, Josh Allen had an off day, only throwing for 415 yards and three touchdowns. However, Bass was able to rack up 13 points for fantasy owners with four extra points and three made field goals.

Take Advantage of Weather Conditions

When considering whether to start Tyler Bass or not, don’t overlook the weather conditions. Being an outdoor stadium, Buffalo can experience harsh weather in the later months of the season. If there’s a snowstorm in the forecast, it may be wise to bench Bass for that week and pick up a different kicker with a more favorable matchup.


Comparatively, indoor kickers may have an advantage in these types of situations, as they won’t have to deal with the elements. Keep an eye on the weather reports leading up to game day to make an informed decision.

Bye Week Replacement

Another way to use Tyler Bass to your advantage is by picking him up as a replacement during your starting kicker’s bye week. With his consistency and strong leg, he can be a reliable fill-in for any fantasy team.

FAQs About Tyler Bass in Fantasy Football

  1. Is Tyler Bass a top-tier kicker in fantasy?
  2. Yes, Tyler Bass is considered one of the top kickers in fantasy due to his consistency, accuracy, and high-scoring offense.
  1. Can I rely on Tyler Bass as my starting kicker?
  2. Absolutely, Tyler Bass is a reliable starting kicker in most fantasy leagues.
  1. Should I prioritize drafting Tyler Bass?
  2. It depends on your overall draft strategy and the value you place on kickers. However, if you want to secure a top-tier kicker, consider drafting Bass a few rounds earlier than usual.
  1. How do weather conditions affect Tyler Bass’ performance?
  2. Being an outdoor stadium, harsh weather conditions in Buffalo can affect Tyler Bass’ performance. Keep an eye on the weather reports and consider benching him in these situations.
  1. Can I pair Tyler Bass with Josh Allen in fantasy?
  2. Yes, pairing Tyler Bass with Josh Allen can be a smart move, as they both benefit from the Bills’ high-scoring offense.

In Conclusion

Tyler Bass has quickly become a valuable player in fantasy football, thanks to his consistency, accuracy, and strong leg. By utilizing him strategically in your league, you can gain a significant advantage over your opponents. So whether you draft him early, stream him for favorable matchups, or pair him with Josh Allen, make sure to take advantage of all that Tyler Bass has to offer. With his help, you’ll be one step closer to dominating your fantasy league.

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