Terrel Bernard Draft Everything You Need to Know

The NFL draft is an exciting time for both teams and fans, as it brings the promise of new talent and potential superstars. One player who has caught the attention of many teams and analysts is Terrel Bernard. The Baylor linebacker has shown impressive skills on the field and has garnered interest from several teams in the league. In this article, we will delve into the world of Terrel Bernard’s draft and explore what makes him such a highly sought-after prospect.

Who is Terrel Bernard?

Terrel Bernard is a redshirt senior at Baylor University, where he played as a linebacker for the Bears. He was born on February 19, 1999, in San Antonio, Texas, and quickly made a name for himself in high school football. He was rated as a four-star recruit by ESPN and Rivals, and chose to play for Baylor over offers from schools like Oklahoma, Texas A&M, and TCU.

In his college career, Bernard proved to be a dominant force on the field. He recorded 112 tackles, three sacks, and two interceptions in his sophomore year, earning him All-Big 12 honors. In his junior year, he continued to impress, recording 101 tackles and being named the Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year. Unfortunately, his senior year was cut short due to a shoulder injury, but he still managed to earn All-Big 12 honors.

Why is Terrel Bernard Such a Highly-Rated Prospect?

There are several reasons why Terrel Bernard has caught the attention of so many teams and analysts. Here are some of the factors that make him stand out:

1. Impressive Athleticism and Instincts

At 6’1″ and 222 pounds, Bernard may not have the ideal size for a linebacker, but he more than makes up for it with his athleticism and football instincts. He possesses great speed and agility, allowing him to cover ground quickly and make plays all over the field. His excellent instincts also help him anticipate plays and make timely tackles.

2. Versatility on the Field

One of the most attractive qualities of Terrel Bernard as a draft prospect is his versatility. During his time at Baylor, he played at both middle and outside linebacker, and excelled in both positions. This versatility makes him an asset for any team, as he can fit into different defensive schemes and contribute in multiple ways.

3. Strong Work Ethic and Leadership Skills

Bernard’s coaches and teammates have praised his strong work ethic and leadership skills. He brings a lot of energy and intensity to the field, and his passion for the game is infectious. As a team captain for Baylor, he has shown his ability to lead and inspire others, making him an attractive prospect for teams looking for a player with strong character and drive.

How to Use Terrel Bernard Draft to Your Advantage?

If you are a team in need of a talented and versatile linebacker, Terrel Bernard is someone you should definitely consider in the upcoming NFL draft. Here are some tips to help you make the most out of drafting Bernard:

1. Utilize His Versatility

As mentioned earlier, one of Terrel Bernard’s biggest strengths is his ability to play in different positions. As a coach, you can use this to your advantage by finding creative ways to utilize his skills. Whether it’s lining him up as an edge rusher or dropping him back in coverage, Bernard has the skills to excel in various roles.

2. Develop His Pass Coverage Skills

While Bernard is a solid run defender, he could still use some improvement in his pass coverage skills. As a coach, you can help him grow in this aspect by focusing on his footwork and technique. With his athleticism and instincts, Bernard has the potential to be an excellent coverage linebacker in the NFL.

Examples of Terrel Bernard’s Impact on the Field

To get a better understanding of what Terrel Bernard brings to the table, let’s take a look at some examples of his impact on the field:

  1. In Baylor’s game against Texas Tech in 2019, Bernard had a career-high 19 tackles, including two for loss. He also had a key interception late in the game that sealed the Bears’ victory.
  1. In the same season, he recorded 13 tackles, one sack, and one interception in Baylor’s win over Iowa State, earning him Big 12 Defensive Player of the Week honors.
  1. In his final game for Baylor against Kansas State, Bernard had 14 tackles, one sack, and one forced fumble before leaving the game with an injury.

Comparing Terrel Bernard with Other Top Linebacker Prospects

While there are many talented linebackers in this year’s draft class, Terrel Bernard stands out as one of the best. Here is how he stacks up against other top prospects at the position:

Micah Parsons, Penn State

Micah Parsons is considered by many to be the top linebacker prospect in this year’s draft. While he possesses great size and speed, he lacks the versatility and experience that Bernard offers. Both players have excellent instincts, but Bernard is more disciplined and less prone to mistakes on the field.

Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, Notre Dame

Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah is another highly-rated linebacker prospect who has garnered comparisons to former All-Pro player Deion Jones. As an athletic and instinctive player, he shares some similarities with Bernard. However, Bernard has shown more consistency and leadership on the field, which could give him an edge over Owusu-Koramoah in the draft.

Tips and Advice for Terrel Bernard in the Upcoming Draft

As Terrel Bernard prepares for the NFL draft, here are some tips and advice that he can use to improve his chances of success:

  1. Continue to Work Hard: Bernard’s strong work ethic has gotten him this far, and he should continue to put in the work to reach his full potential in the NFL.
  1. Expand His Skill Set: While he excels as a run defender, Bernard can still improve in pass coverage and as a pass rusher. By working on these aspects of his game, he can become an even more valuable asset for his future team.
  1. Stay Positive: The road to the NFL is not always an easy one, but Bernard should stay positive and believe in himself. With a determined mindset and a strong support system, he can overcome any challenges that come his way.

FAQs About Terrel Bernard’s Draft

What round is Terrel Bernard projected to be drafted?

Terrel Bernard is projected to be a mid to late-round pick in the upcoming NFL draft. However, with his impressive skills and potential, he could potentially move up in the draft boards before the final selection.

Which teams have shown interest in Terrel Bernard?

Several teams have shown interest in drafting Terrel Bernard, including the Baltimore Ravens, Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, and Las Vegas Raiders.

What position will Terrel Bernard play in the NFL?

Terrel Bernard has the ability to play both inside and outside linebacker in the NFL, making him a versatile player for any team.

Does Terrel Bernard have any injury concerns?

Bernard’s senior year was cut short due to a shoulder injury, which could raise some concerns for teams. However, he has undergone successful surgery and is expected to make a full recovery by the time training camp starts.

Is Terrel Bernard known for any off-field issues?

No, Terrel Bernard has a clean off-field record and is known for his strong character and leadership qualities.


Terrel Bernard is one of the most exciting prospects in this year’s NFL draft, and for good reason. His impressive athleticism, versatility, and leadership skills make him an attractive option for teams looking to add a talented linebacker to their roster. With the right guidance and hard work, Bernard has all the tools to become a successful player in the NFL.

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