Marquise Brown Draft Profile The Speed Demon Receiver

Marquise Brown, also known as “Hollywood” Brown, is a wide receiver from the University of Oklahoma who was selected in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft by the Baltimore Ravens. Brown’s draft profile caught the attention of many football enthusiasts due to his impressive speed, route-running skills, and big-play ability. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at Brown’s draft profile, highlighting his strengths, weaknesses, and potential impact in the NFL.

Early Life and College Career of Marquise Brown

Before diving into Brown’s draft profile, let’s first take a look at his early life and college career. Brown was born on June 4, 1997, in Hollywood, Florida. He attended Chaminade-Madonna Preparatory School where he excelled in both football and track and field. Brown continued his athletic career at the College of the Canyons, a junior college in California, before transferring to the University of Oklahoma in 2017.

In his two years at Oklahoma, Brown became one of the most dynamic and explosive receivers in college football. He recorded back-to-back 1,000-yard receiving seasons and was a vital part of the Sooners’ offense, helping them make it to the College Football Playoff both years.

Strengths of Marquise Brown’s Draft Profile

  1. Blazing Speed Brown’s most significant strength is undoubtedly his speed. Standing at 5’9″ and weighing only 166 pounds, he may not have the prototypical size for an NFL receiver, but his quickness and acceleration more than make up for it. Brown is lightning fast, allowing him to create separation from defenders and make big plays down the field.
  1. Route Running Despite his small stature, Brown is a precise route runner. He has excellent footwork and uses his speed to make sharp cuts, making it challenging for defenders to keep up with him. Brown’s ability to run crisp routes enables him to get open consistently and be a reliable target for his quarterback.
  1. Big-play Ability Brown’s combination of speed and route running makes him a big-play threat every time he steps onto the field. He averaged an impressive 18.3 yards per catch in his college career, showcasing his ability to turn short passes into long gains. His explosiveness makes him a game-changer and a nightmare for opposing defenses.

Weaknesses of Marquise Brown’s Draft Profile

  1. Size and Durability Concerns As mentioned earlier, Brown’s size may be a concern for some NFL teams. At only 5’9″, he is significantly smaller than most receivers in the league, which could make it challenging for him to beat press coverage at the next level. Additionally, Brown’s slim build raises durability concerns, as he has been plagued by nagging injuries throughout his college career.
  1. Limited Experience Against Top Competition While Brown was a dominant receiver in college, he mainly faced competition from the Big 12 conference, known for their high-scoring offenses. He did have a standout performance against Alabama in the College Football Playoff, but some scouts might question whether he can produce at the same level against top-tier NFL defenses week in and week out.
  1. Inconsistent Hands Although Brown’s catching ability has improved over the years, he still drops more passes than you’d like to see from a top receiving prospect. While some of this can be attributed to his smaller hands, it is an area that he will need to work on in the NFL.

How to Use Marquise Brown Draft Profile?

If you are a fan of fantasy football or just a general fan of the sport, Brown’s draft profile could be a useful tool for evaluating his potential impact in the NFL. It can also be used as a reference when discussing his strengths and weaknesses with other football enthusiasts.

Examples of Marquise Brown Draft Profile

One example of how to use Brown’s draft profile is to compare it to other receivers in this year’s draft class. By doing so, you can get a better understanding of where he ranks among his peers and what sets him apart from other top receivers like D.K Metcalf and A.J. Brown.

Comparisons for Marquise Brown Draft Profile

Brown’s draft profile has drawn comparisons to current NFL players such as DeSean Jackson and Tyreek Hill due to their similar speed and playmaking ability. However, some critics have also compared him to former first-round busts like John Ross and Tavon Austin, who were known for their speed but failed to live up to expectations in the NFL.

Advises for Marquise Brown Draft Profile

If Brown wants to succeed in the NFL, he will need to work on his strength and durability. Adding more muscle to his frame could help him beat press coverage and stay healthy throughout the season. He should also continue to fine-tune his route running and improve his catching consistency to become a reliable target for his quarterback.

FAQs about Marquise Brown Draft Profile

1. What makes Marquise Brown a top prospect in this year’s draft?

Aside from his blazing speed, Brown’s quickness and route-running abilities make him a dangerous weapon in any offense. He also has a proven track record of making big plays and has the potential to develop into a number one receiver in the NFL.

2. Which NFL team drafted Marquise Brown?

Marquise Brown was selected by the Baltimore Ravens with the 25th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

3. Can Marquise Brown’s size be a disadvantage in the NFL?

While Brown’s size may be a concern for some teams, his speed and playmaking ability make up for it. However, he will need to improve his strength and durability to succeed at the next level.

4. What role is Marquise Brown expected to play in the Ravens’ offense?

Brown is expected to fill the role of a deep threat and provide quarterback Lamar Jackson with a reliable target downfield. He could also be used as a weapon on jet sweeps and end-around plays.

5. How will Marquise Brown’s draft profile translate to the NFL?

Brown’s speed and big-play ability should translate well to the NFL, but he will need to work on his route running and consistency to make an impact at the next level.


Marquise Brown’s draft profile highlights a dynamic and explosive receiver who has the potential to become a game-changer in the NFL. While he does have some areas that he needs to improve upon, his speed and playmaking ability make him an exciting prospect for the Baltimore Ravens and their fanbase. It will be interesting to see how Brown’s career unfolds in the NFL and whether he can live up to the hype surrounding his draft profile.

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