Marquise Brown College Stats A Comprehensive Look at the Star Wide Receiver’s Performance

Marquise Brown, also known as “Hollywood” for his flashy playing style, has become one of the most dynamic wide receivers in the NFL. But before his success in the professional league, Brown made a name for himself in college football. In this article, we will take a deep dive into Marquise Brown’s college stats and examine his performance during his time at the University of Oklahoma. As an expert article writer, I have researched and analyzed Brown’s statistics to provide an in-depth understanding of his college career. So let’s get started and explore the numbers behind Marquise Brown’s journey from college to the NFL.

1. Early Success: Brown’s Freshman and Sophomore Seasons (2017-2018)


Marquise Brown joined the Oklahoma Sooners in 2017 after transferring from the College of the Canyons. As a freshman, he quickly made an impact on the field, recording 57 receptions for 1,095 yards and seven touchdowns. Brown emerged as a top target for quarterback Baker Mayfield, showcasing his speed and agility as a deep threat and in the return game. Let’s take a closer look at Brown’s freshman and sophomore seasons and how he solidified himself as a rising star in college football.

Explosive Numbers

In his first two seasons at Oklahoma, Brown established himself as one of the most explosive players in the nation. He averaged a staggering 19.8 yards per catch in his freshman year and increased it to 17.6 yards per catch in his sophomore season. Brown’s speed and quickness allowed him to create separation from defenders and make big plays down the field. His ability to turn short passes into long gains was evident, as he tallied 10 catches for over 40 yards in his first two seasons.

Record-Breaking Performances

During his sophomore year, Brown also recorded the fastest speed of any player in college football with a time of 21.3 miles per hour on a 75-yard touchdown reception against Texas Tech. He finished the season with 1,318 receiving yards, breaking the school record for most receiving yards in a single season. Brown’s explosive performances earned him the nickname “Hollywood” and put him on the radar of NFL scouts.

2. Overcoming Adversity: Brown’s Junior Season (2019)


After two successful seasons at Oklahoma, Marquise Brown faced a hurdle that threatened to derail his college career – a Lisfranc injury. Many experts believed that he would sit out the entire season to recover from surgery, but Brown showed resilience and determination by returning to the field just six months after his operation. His junior season was not only a test of his physical abilities but also a display of his mental toughness.

Return to Dominance

Despite the injury, Brown continued to perform at an elite level, recording 58 receptions for 1,051 yards and eight touchdowns in his junior year. He showcased his versatility by playing different positions on the field, including lining up in the slot and taking handoffs as a running back. Brown’s speed and elusiveness were still present, and he proved that he could play through pain and adversity.

Draft Stock on the Rise

Brown’s performance in his junior season was enough to solidify his status as a top prospect in the 2019 NFL Draft. Despite being slightly undersized at 5’9”, his speed and agility made him an attractive option for teams in need of a dynamic playmaker. He was selected by the Baltimore Ravens in the first round, becoming the first wide receiver drafted in the 2019 class.

3. Transition to the NFL: Comparing College Stats to Professional Stats


After dominating in the college ranks, Brown faced a new challenge in the NFL. As a rookie, he had to adjust to a faster game and tougher competition. So how did his college stats compare to his professional stats? Let’s take a look and see if Brown was able to maintain his level of performance in the NFL.

Similar Numbers

In his first two seasons with the Ravens, Brown’s numbers were comparable to his college stats. He recorded 46 receptions for 584 yards and seven touchdowns in his rookie season and followed it up with 58 receptions for 769 yards and eight touchdowns in his second year. Although there was a slight decrease in his yards per catch average, Brown still showcased his big-play ability and emerged as one of quarterback Lamar Jackson’s top targets.

Impact on the Field

Brown’s impact on the field also remained consistent in the NFL. He continued to display his speed and agility, making defenders miss and creating separation from coverage. His role in the return game was also significant, adding another dimension to the Ravens’ offense. Despite facing tougher competition, Brown proved that he could make an impact at the highest level.

4. Tips for Fantasy Football: How to Use Marquise Brown’s College Stats


For many fantasy football players, statistics play a crucial role in drafting players and setting lineups. Marquise Brown’s college stats can provide valuable insights when it comes to predicting his performance in the NFL. Here are some tips on how to use Brown’s college stats for your fantasy football team.

Look at His Yards per Catch Average

As mentioned earlier, Brown’s yards per catch average in college was a staggering 18.3 yards. This number reflects his big-play ability and shows that he can make an impact even with limited receptions. In the NFL, Brown’s yards per catch average has remained consistent, making him a valuable option for fantasy football players.

Consider His Role in the Offense

Brown’s role in the Ravens’ offense has been similar to his role in college. He is primarily used as a deep threat and relies on his speed to create separation from defenders. When drafting Brown for your fantasy football team, consider his role in the offense and how it may affect his performance.

Keep an Eye on His Health

Brown has dealt with injuries throughout his college and NFL career. As a fantasy football player, it is essential to monitor his health and adjust your lineup accordingly. Last year, he missed two games due to injury, which could impact his overall stats for the season.

FAQs about Marquise Brown College Stats

Q: What was Marquise Brown’s best game in college?

A: Brown’s best game in college came against Oklahoma State in 2018, where he recorded nine receptions for 265 yards and two touchdowns.

Q: Did Brown break any records in college?

A: Yes, Brown broke the Oklahoma Sooners’ record for most receiving yards in a single season with 1,318 yards in 2018.

Q: How many touchdowns did Brown score in his college career?

A: Brown scored 19 touchdowns during his three seasons at Oklahoma.

Q: Did Brown play any other positions in college?

A: Yes, Brown played as a kick returner and recorded one punt return touchdown in his sophomore year.

Q: Was Brown ever named an All-American in college?

A: Yes, Brown was selected as a Consensus All-American in his junior year.


Marquise Brown’s college stats tell a story of a dynamic and explosive player who overcame adversity and emerged as a top prospect in the NFL. His early success at Oklahoma showcased his potential, and he has continued to perform at a high level in the professional league. As we look back at Brown’s college career, it is evident that his skills and abilities have translated well to the NFL, making him a valuable asset to any team.

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