Aaron Brewer Stats Analyzing the Performance of an Underrated NFL Long Snapper

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the stats and performance of Aaron Brewer, one of the most underrated long snappers in the NFL. In this article, we will delve into the numbers, facts, and figures that showcase Brewer’s talent, consistency, and importance to his team. Despite being a crucial player on special teams, long snappers are often overlooked and underappreciated. However, with the help of statistics, we will shed light on just how valuable Aaron Brewer is to his team, the Arizona Cardinals.

Early Career and Rise to Success

Despite not being drafted in 2012, Aaron Brewer made his way into the NFL by signing with the Denver Broncos as an undrafted free agent. He quickly established himself as a reliable long snapper and soon became a vital piece of the Broncos’ special teams unit. In 2016, Brewer signed with the Arizona Cardinals, where he continues to excel to this day.

Stats: Comparing Brewer to Other Long Snappers

When it comes to long snappers, statistics do not tell the full story. However, they can hint at a player’s consistency and impact. In the 2020 regular season, Aaron Brewer played in all 16 games for the Cardinals, recording zero tackles, one forced fumble, and two fumble recoveries. While these numbers may seem low compared to other positions, for a long snapper, they are quite impressive.

In comparison, the top-ranked long snapper in the NFL, Morgan Cox from the Baltimore Ravens, had two tackles and one fumble recovery in 15 games played. This showcases that while Brewer may not have flashy stats, he is just as effective as the best long snappers in the league.

How to Use: Aaron Brewer Stats

As mentioned before, long snappers do not receive much recognition for their performance. However, for teams and coaches looking to evaluate the effectiveness of their long snapper, statistics can be a helpful tool. By comparing Brewer’s stats to other long snappers in the league, teams can see his consistency and reliability.

Examples of Aaron Brewer’s Impact

While it may seem like long snappers have minimal impact on the game, one missed snap or poorly executed punt can change the entire outcome. Aaron Brewer’s consistency and precision as a long snapper have played a crucial role in the Cardinals’ success.

Example 1: Game-Winning Field Goal Against the Seattle Seahawks

In 2020, the Arizona Cardinals were tied 34-34 with the Seattle Seahawks in overtime. With just seconds left in the game, Brewer delivered a perfect snap to holder Andy Lee, allowing kicker Zane Gonzalez to make a 48-yard field goal and secure the win for the Cardinals. Without Brewer’s precise snap, the game could have ended very differently.

Example 2: Consistent Performance Throughout the Season

As mentioned before, Aaron Brewer played in all 16 games for the Cardinals in the 2020 regular season. Not only did he not miss a single game, but he also did not have any botched snaps. This level of consistency and reliability is crucial for special teams and often goes unnoticed by the casual fan.

Comparisons with Other Long Snappers

When comparing Aaron Brewer to other long snappers in the league, it is clear that he is among the best. While he may not receive the same recognition as players like Morgan Cox or Don Muhlbach, Brewer’s consistency, accuracy, and impact on the game cannot be ignored.

Comparison 1: Accuracy

According to Pro Football Focus, Aaron Brewer had a perfect snap-to-hold time in 2019, making him one of just three long snappers to do so. In comparison, Morgan Cox and Don Muhlbach both had a 99% accuracy rate. This showcases that Brewer is just as precise as the top long snappers in the league.

Comparison 2: Impact on Team Performance

In 2020, the Arizona Cardinals ranked second in the NFL in punt return yards allowed with just 67.3 yards per game. This was in large part due to Aaron Brewer’s consistent and accurate snaps. In comparison, the Baltimore Ravens, with top-ranked long snapper Morgan Cox, ranked fifth with 75.9 punt return yards allowed per game. This further solidifies Brewer’s impact on his team’s performance.

Advice for Aspiring Long Snappers

For those aspiring to become long snappers, Aaron Brewer’s journey serves as an inspiration. Despite not being drafted, he worked hard and honed his craft to become one of the best in the league. Here are a few tips from Brewer himself for upcoming long snappers:

  1. Practice makes perfect – Long snapping requires precision and consistency, which can only be achieved through practice.
  2. Be versatile – Learn to snap from different formations and positions to make yourself more valuable to teams.
  3. Stay in shape – Long snapping also requires strength and athleticism, so make sure to stay in top physical condition.
  4. Don’t give up – It may not be a glamorous position, but long snappers play a crucial role in every game, so keep working hard and be patient.

Frequently Asked Questions about Aaron Brewer Stats

Q: How many seasons has Aaron Brewer played in the NFL?

A: As of 2021, Aaron Brewer has played nine seasons in the NFL.

Q: What is Aaron Brewer’s career field goal percentage?

A: As a long snapper, Brewer does not have a field goal percentage. However, he has a 100% snap-to-hold accuracy rate.

Q: Has Aaron Brewer ever played for a team other than the Broncos and Cardinals?

A: No, Brewer has only played for the Denver Broncos and the Arizona Cardinals in his nine-year NFL career.

Q: How many tackles does Aaron Brewer have in his career?

A: In his nine seasons in the NFL, Aaron Brewer has recorded five tackles.

Q: Who holds the record for most consecutive games played by a long snapper?

A: The record for most consecutive games played by a long snapper is held by Morgan Cox of the Baltimore Ravens with 144 games played.

Conclusion: A Valuable Asset to Any Team

In conclusion, Aaron Brewer may not receive the recognition or attention that other players in the NFL do, but his contributions to the game are just as crucial. His consistency, accuracy, and impact on the team’s performance make him one of the best long snappers in the league. Aspiring long snappers can learn a lot from Brewer’s hard work, determination, and versatility. So next time you watch a football game, make sure to keep an eye out for

46, because Aaron Brewer’s stats tell the story of an underrated, yet essential player on the field.

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